A UX/UI designer excited about creating flexible, engaging and cross-cultural digital experiences.

Hi, I'm Yuzi ⚡️

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Spot That Meal


How may we find the best deal for delivered food that meets your diet preference?


How may we rebuild the bus app into a pass & trip tracker 2-in-1 tool?

Take A Trip
Food with love


How can we help you explore Chinatown eats with confidence?


How may we build a collagen supplements ecommerce site that brings you delight?

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Meditate Right Here

Universal Mindfulness

How may we motivate you to meditate wherever you are?

Classic Guilin
Rice Noodle

How may we elevate the restaurant branding that sets you a cultural gourmet journey?

Get A Taste

Let’s work together

How can my passion and skills bring your product to the next level?
Shoot me an email at yuzilidesigner@gmail.com.