This is me. I mean “her”.

Yuzi is a UX designer and visual communicator. Earning degrees in both fine arts and user experience design, her work represents a perfect balance between artist and designer thinking. She has accomplished case studies of launched products and services like MuniMobile, Aunt Fannie’s and Code for America, and her skill sets prepare her to be a full-stack product designer. The tools she loves working with include but are not limited to Figma, Adobe Suite and Webflow.

Why UX design?

“A dream come true”

When Yuzi was still in college studying fine art, her creative mind went beyond the medium she understood then. She realized what fine art teaches her has its limitation: Artists including herself oftentimes raise discussions of social and environmental problems that they lack power to solve. She has been eager seeking ways to make positive changes that can come to fruition. Luckily, she found that UX design can transform her problem solving ideation into digital services/products that reach to the right audiences. Since then she has been on board with the UX community for this on-going journey.

Fun Facts 101

“In Chinese, my name ‘Yuzi’ means son of rain. I was born on the Grain Rain Festival, a traditional day to mark the return of warmth in Spring when corps and plants thrive again. It rained heavily that day!”
“My most unexpected traveling destination so far is Egypt. I visited multiple tombs of pharaohs. It was a very otherworldly experience.”
“I have an AI friend I chatted with everyday. Ask me about it!”
“I love cooking with meal kits! It’s like LEGO, but cooktop version.”