Universal Mindfulness


Universal Mindfulness is a platform with CTA that encourages people to mediate anywhere, anytime.


A mental health crisis has emerged during COVID-19 pandemic. The lifestyle has changed drastically all in a sudden, and the struggles of making adjustment physically and mentally are real.


The topic of self-care has been discussed more than ever. This is a great time for us to actually pay more attention to ourself and our surrounding, with the practice of mindfulness.

Visual/UI Design, Interactive Design, Graphic Design

Sep-Dec 2020
The Proposal

Mediation shouldn’t be a rocket science.

The purpose of Universal Mindfulness is to help people rethink the reality of self care. By creating an image of meditation practice to being generic and accessible, we encourage people to incorporate it the into their daily routines and learn the power of being present in the moment.

Brand Identity
Logomark Development
  • U+M as the abbreviation of the brand name
  • Symbol of a meditating figure
  • Geometrically structured yet organic
  • Sense of movement
Official Logo
Collaterals & Merchandise
Interactive Design
Call-To-Action Billboard
Web App