Classic Guilin Rice Noodles

About the restaurant

Classic Guilin Rice Noodles, as its name suggests, is a restaurant mainly serving a specific dish originated from Guilin, a small town located in Southwest China. The rice noodles has a long history traced back to the Qin Dynasty around 200 BC.


The locals in Guilin enjoy the rice noodles as their go-to food throughout the day, as breakfast or even casual snack late night. Now this flavorful dish is brought to the Bay Area with opening of three locations.

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June-Aug 2020
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Charity Project Merchandise
Li River Heart 漓江之心 is a transformed pattern from the original logo, with a simplified palette that remains gold and green to make to highlight the crystal-clear feature of the water. The bowl of water swirls to a shape of heart, a generic symbol that represents love and hope. We wanna create a collection of merchandise that keeps being updated specifically marked with this patten. We will put the earnings form these merchandises into our charity funds for the brighter future of kids back in some remote counties around the city of Guilin.
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